Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

        While I didn't get to attend the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago back in May, Mars was kind enough to send me some samples of their candies that haven't hit store shelves yet. The one that got the most buzz (after Pretzel M&Ms, naturally) was the new Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. First, it's a new product in the Snickers line, not a limited edition. It'll come out in December, but they're obviously gearing up for a big push if they were distributing fully packaged samples more than six months in advance. There are a lot of things that are different about this bar. The packaging is a little flatter, shorter and wider than the standard Snickers "log" package. The yellow background reminded me of the recently discontinued Snickers Cruncher.Inside the package are two squares. See, it's not even a bar, it's two pieces. They're 1.25 inches square and about .75 inches high. There's a nice ripple on the top. They're nicely made, beautiful to look at when placed on a plate and enjoyed like a fine chocolate.
        What's different isn't just that this is a smaller candy. It's 1.78 ounces total (.89 ounces per piece) and the package says that you can "twist wrap" to keep the second piece fresh. It might be about portion control. There are only 250 calories in this package compared to the 2.07 ounce classic Snickers that clocks in at 271 calories. So you're paying more, perhaps gaining the ability to stop halfway. But it's not just the shape that's different. Inside is a radical change for Snickers lovers. It's a base of peanut butter nougat layered with a dry but dense peanut butter layer then a thin layer of caramel all covered in milk chocolate. So the caramel is minimized and the peanut butter portion is upped ... but it feels like there are fewer actual peanuts. It smells just like a Snickers. Biting into it, it's not as thick and the layers aren't as distinct. The caramel is just a thin layer that's a little tougher than the others. The peanut butter and nougat weren't very distinct. It was a little salty and very peanutty. The chocolate was creamy. But there was something just kind of bland for me. I missed the decadent chew of the caramel, especially because it combined with the other flavours to create something new and wonderful in the mouth. However, there's a much more intense peanut butter experience; the texture is far smoother than, say, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but not quite creamy. I had two of these to try, so I got a pretty good sense of them. If you were a fan of the Snickers Nut & Butter Crunch or Snickers Fudge, which I consider drier bars because they don't have caramel, then this might be a good substitution. I actually prefer the Snickers Xtreme, which goes the other direction. It's a bar with just caramel and peanuts. It was a limited edition item that will return in September 2010.