Jelly Belly Honey Beans

        A few years ago Jelly Belly was taking suggestions for their new bean flavours. I was actively advocating honey. I know, it's not dazzling like Juicy Pear or knock-your-socks-off like Buttered Popcorn, but let's face it, honey is one of humans' first candies. Honey actually made it to the final cut of the flavour voting, but the trendier Acai Berry won (with honey as a close second). The good news is that honey made a good enough showing that Jelly Belly went ahead and made it anyway! Which is good, because I'd much rather have a spoonful of honey than of acai berry.
        The beans are dark amber and ever so slightly translucent. They're soft and mild - really like a less sweet globule of honey. The texture is smooth overall, though with that slight grain of the thin jelly bean shell. There's a little bit of a fresh aftertaste, kind of like jasmine tea. It's too bad that they're not all natural (there are some artificial colours in there) but they use real honey in them, and that definitely is apparent. Honestly, I didn't think much of them when I had them the first time, but the true honey flavour comes through and I found myself wanting more later. I can't say eating a huge bag of them would be a goal, but they were a nice little mid-day refresher. My confidence level that these are going to appear in stores is pretty low. I don't expect to see them at the grocery store, but perhaps in the stores that carry the single flavours in bulk ... so the Jelly Belly website is probably going to be the best bet. (A custom mix I'd make for myself would probably be to mix the honey and Citrus Mix for a special sort of cough drop if only they'd make a mentholated jelly bean.) Jelly Belly are gluten-free, dairy-free and gelatin free plus Kosher.