KitKat SemiSweet And Bitter Almond

        Just when I'd quit the limited edition KitKat pursuit, I've been sucked back in by two extraordinarily good Japanese KitKats. In Japan (and everywhere else besides the United States), KitKats are made by Nestle. Nestle has the ability to make great chocolate and candy, but also possesses the ability and fortitude to make cheap tasting and inconsistent candy. The first is the SemiSweet KitKat which sounds pretty boring. But just look at the package! It's a beautifully done design in just black and red (except for the real-colour image of the KitKat finger itself.) The bar is just a mellow semi sweet chocolate version of the standard milk chocolate KitKat. The bars were perfect. I know I criticize the over-packaging of many of these Japanese items, but in this case it really did its job of both enticing me to buy and protecting the contents.
        The chocolate smells wonderful, a little sweet but rich and bold. The first thing I noticed was the melt. There was a good snap to the chocolate but it melted quite readily. It's a little sticky but has a lot of flavour, a combination of strong woodsy flavours, a hint of coffee and prunes. The wafers are crispy and don't let the combination get too sweet or thick. The KitKat Bitter Almond is what got me out to the stores in Little Tokyo. I saw Bitter Almond KitKat mentioned on Japanese Snack Reviews and thought it sounded right up my alley. The ingredients say that it's made with real dark chocolate (44% cacao), almond paste and almonds. While I'm not usually a big fan of the amaretto note in marzipan, I do love almonds. The limited edition KitKats have largely ignored nuts as a flavour, so this is a refreshing change.
        The box had the logo for TBC on it, which I had to look up (thanks again to Japanese Snack Reviews) to find out it's a cross promotion with Tokyo Beauty Centers. TBC is a chain of spas that offer all sorts of aesthetic treatments, make up and consultations. I haven't the foggiest what that has to do with KitKats so I'm going to just make something up, like you can get marzipan facial treatments for a limited time when you present your empty KitKat box. The chocolate is strong, slightly bitter and has a light acidic bite. The almond flavours come and go but are light and more on the side of nutty than amaretto. What struck me as so great, aside from the smooth and lightly dry finish of the chocolate itself was the freshness of the wafers. They were delicate and crispy. There was no cereal taste to them (not that I mind that), which allowed both the chocolate and almond to dominate. Every once in a while I got a little texture of some crushed almonds.