Bubble Chocolate

        Bubble Chocolate was introduced back in 2006 (original review) as the only American brand aerated chocolate. I reviewed it at that time but never saw it widely distributed.Fast forward four years and Bubble Chocolate has a new look and a new formula. They went all natural (basically went to real vanilla instead of vanillin) and pared down the flavor offerings to just Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. The bars are large but not hefty. They come in a box with slanted sides (a severely truncated pyramid) and a nicely texture foil wrapping inside. The bars weigh 2.82 ounces but look far more substantial than that, because, well, there are a lot of bubbles in there.
        Dark Chocolate Bubble Bar - The Bubble Chocolate Dark Chocolate Bar is 60% cocoa. It's not terribly dark in colour or content. The recommended serving is half of the bar, about 200 calories. I admit, it does feel pretty decadent to eat half of the bar and realize that it's no more than a regular weight serving of chocolate. The smell is kind of odd. It's almost alcoholic, the vanilla notes are that strong. There's also a hint of coconut. The bite is easy and just slightly crumbly. It's chalky in a way and cool on the tongue, but once it melts it doesn't taste cheap or old. It's just weird. The deep cocoa flavors never quite develop, it's like the chocolate intensity of an unfrosted chocolate cake - soft and pillowy and sure, there's cocoa in there. But the powerful fatty experience of the chocolate is rather lost on me, no rich puddles on the tongue of cocoa butter and cocoa solids.
        Milk Chocolate Bubble Bar - The Milk Chocolate Bubble Chocolate Bar is much lighter looking but has a lovely gloss and good snap. There are 220 calories per serving in this version, I'm guessing because there's less fiber in there ... its place is taken by sugar. The bar doesn't smell like much at all, a little like Cocoa Krispies. The texture is similarly light on the tongue and cool as it melts. The flavor is quite milky though not in the European or Swiss style, it's more American. The cocoa flavors are muted and rather bland. There's a little hint of caramel and malt but not much else from the chocolate.
        Overall, I don't know how different these are from the initial versions that I tried years ago but I'm just can't get into this stuff. It's smooth and nicely tempered but just not enough of a flavor punch for me. For the price I'd probably go for something else on the same shelf like Green & Black's Peanut Bar or if I'm feeling particular decadent and want to pay a little more, an Amano. For pure fun, the bubbles just don't do anything for me. However, the price on these is comparable to a similar imported Aero or Dairy Milk but with the all natural ingredients it's just a step above.